Specials and Discounts

Multiple pets or stays over 10 days long get to take 10% off. 

Plus, we always offer a 20% discount to active military, fire, or police officers.

Need a unique gift idea?

Gift certificates are now available.

services overview

$26.50-$31.50 per day will ensure your pet has a vacation, too!

Your pet will enjoy individual indoor and outdoor play areas for each pet and air-conditioned overnight accommodations.

We also offer special small cozy kennels for small breeds and large kennels for multi-pet households, so your family stays together.

And our property has large, safe wooded or sunny lots for playtime.

featured grooming services

Prices varies by size and coat

Doggy Wash

Includes bath, drying, brushing, nail clipping and ear cleaning. Leaves your pooch feeling fresh and dirt-free!

Doggy Detailing
Starts with a wash and includes ear plucking, sanitation trim, cut, and style based on your request and the breed. It's a rejuvenating experience for you pet!

Doggy 9-1-1
Emergency flea bath and/or de-skunking (Any pooch entering our FUNHouse with fleas will be given a 9-1-1 treatment immediately—and we treat the stinky dogs, too.)

New Pup Package
Relieve your little pooch of stress and introduce him to a grooming experience early (up to 5 months old). Includes a wash followed by a series of sessions working up to a full detailing.

Worry-Free Coat
Starts with a Doggy Detailing and ends with a shave down, leaving the face to be trimmed per your request and the breed. (A shave down can be good during shedding season of if your pooch is heavily matted. Please be advised that a shave down of some breads may cause health issues and is not advised.)

Nail Clipping or Filing
Regular clipping is very beneficial to your pooch. It keeps the nails from growing into the ground of into their pads. Act now if your pooch has long or curvy nails.

Is your pooch severely matted? Dematting the coat helps to save the coat without shaving your pooch down.

Deshedding helps to remove dead hair in the coat while the new coat grows in. This will save your vacuum.

Pearly Whites
Regular brushing of your pet's teeth helps to prevent plaque build-up and gum disease.

Ultimate Pampering
Starts with Doggy Detailing and includes a warm oil treatment for the skin and coat, nail filing, nail polish and Pearly White brushing.

We also do nail polish and warm oil treatment.

Cats! We can do them, too!
Includes bath, drying, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and full trim. (Or at least we'll try.  Sometimes they just aren't in the mood.)

All baths come with a scent of your choice and bows for the ears or a bandana for the neck!